Clarity Readings

Rosichi Healing Arts

Clarity Card Readings

Gain insight around your present situation with Tarot and Angel cards.

Invite clarity and healing into your life, to help you to move on.

Tarot and Angel Cards reading  £20/30mins


"I feel so much better in myself and I'm looking forward to what the future holds. I feel focused and determined. I'm so grateful for all your help. Every time I have felt a

moment of weakness I have thought about everything we discussed.

Thank you so much for your kindness and guidance." CR

"It is lovely to meet Rose. I had a very peaceful and at times amusing reading,

listening to spirit insights, as well as a relaxing, calming massage.

I will leave Rose's more at ease and looking forward to coming back again.

Thank you Rose." AE

"So good again to speak with you and have an insightful reading.

Feeling much more centred now!  Thank you." RM

"Accurate and honest and straight to the point. Very useful." JA

"The timing couldn't be better...

Thank you very much for the reading, it made my day." RM

"Its amazing. You are really very talented." SK

"I find your warm concern very heartening - I feel so well cared for!

You intuitively picked up what was going on in the relationship dynamic

and I found the role play incredibly helpful for me - such a good idea

to tune into the other person's reality.

Thank you so much, Rose - very reassuring!" UT

“Tarot doesn't predict the future. Tarot facilitates it.” 
 Philippe St Genoux