My Story

After many years of life experience – marriage, family, and teaching, I learned the techniques of Reiki healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I found greatly enhanced my personal spiritual journey.
Always fascinated by the existence of the afterlife, I have spent many years in development and research of the Spirit World and my intuitive side. For me, it is a totally natural practice to be in communication with our departed loved ones and Spirit Guides. Not being bound by earthly preconceptions, their non-judgemental and clear perspectives on our lives can be wonderfully helpful. Not to mention their endless unconditional love…
When we ask Life, with sincerity, what is best for us, it will respond. I humbly offer you my assistance for a while on your life’s journey, helping you to clear blockages - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to enable the best way forward to open up for you at this present time. 


Rose Arthur. Cert Ed / Reiki Master
EFT Accredited Practitioner (CTAA)
Hand and Foot Massage Accredited Practitioner (CTAA)


I offer a range of services both online and in person near Cardigan, West Wales