My Story

Always fascinated by the existence of the afterlife, I have spent many years in development and research of the Spirit World and my intuitive side. For me, it is a totally natural practice to be in communication with our departed loved ones and Spirit Guides. Not being bound by earthly preconceptions, their non-judgemental and clear perspectives on our lives can be wonderfully helpful. 

After many years of life experience, and as an experienced meditator, I learned the techniques of Reiki healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I found greatly enhanced my personal spiritual journey. More recently I have added massage to my services.
When we ask Life, with sincerity, what is best for us, it will respond. I offer you my assistance in clearing blockages - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to enable the best way forward to open up for you at this present time. 


Rose Arthur. Cert Ed / Reiki Master
EFT Accredited Practitioner (CTAA)                                                                                                          Indian Head Massage Accredited Practitioner (CTAA)
Hand and Foot Massage Accredited Practitioner (CTAA)


I offer a range of services both online and in person near Cardigan, West Wales