12 September 2020

When the pressure eases

When the pressure eases and everything comes together, oh boy, does it feel good!

When there's land in sight after months of being at sea, oh boy, am I grateful!

When I feel relaxed and life is working, oh boy, what a relief!

When things start to go right even though it would appear on the outside that things are dreadful, then hey, I must be on the right track!

8 September 2020

So Many ‘Shoulds’

Putting so much pressure on myself that I should be doing this, I should be doing that, I presuppose the consequences of not doing these things. And yet, all the while, I don't feel to do any of them with total conviction. 

The only thing I really want to do is just be, here in the moment, connecting with my life essence now. That place is good, right, safe, wise, perfect, whole and complete fulfilment. In that space, everything is in order, and everything necessary does actually get done. If I died there, I could be in no better consciousness to pass over. 

How fortunate am I to know that place. This experience beyond my mind, words and thought is so simple, so healing, so everything. Nothing is more important than this.

"The highest virtue does nothing. Yet, nothing needs to be done. The lowest virtue does everything. Yet, much remains to be done." (Tao Te Ching chapter 38)

5 September 2020

On trust and clinging

On the relief of finding trust, I can let go of all that I cling to.

And what do I cling to? I cling to desiring certain outcomes. If something works out this way, or that way, I'll be okay. I'll be able to cope. I'll feel secure. And in that clinging, feeling the energy inside my body - wringing, wrenching, twisting anxiety. But on trusting, it really doesn't matter whether the outcome is that which I desire or not. On trusting, I am quite happy as I am, where I am, doing what I do and being happy. In this moment. A state of acceptance, enjoyment, gratitude, love, friendship, nourishment. It's all here now, already.

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2 September 2020

The best way to help someone is to help myself

It comes as such an enormous relief to fully realise that the very best way to help someone is to help myself. I can never solve another's problems for them. How could I? That is their task and theirs alone.

As much as we love and care for our children, for instance, and feel so responsible for them, there comes a time when we have to cut that emotional cord, as they do also with us, and trust that they will swim free into their own ocean where they belong. What use would it be to your child if you did not sever the umbilical cord?

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25 August 2020

The Magic that is Reiki

A few years ago, I lost touch with Reiki for a while. Caught up with everything else, I'd forgotten the rewards of living that powerful healing journey and how it feeds the soul.

Then it called me back.  It returned, completing the picture for me, somehow.

The more I immerse myself in this healing art, the more I am in awe of the sheer Grace involved.

At the simplest level, Reiki offers us wonderful relaxation which cannot fail to promote healing.

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