22 August 2020


I have always kept diaries or journals at various stages in my life.  I have records of all my messages from Spirit. Before now I could not even dream of making them available for others to read. But, hey, what is there to lose?

My card this evening told me to drop my masks and be myself. What mask? What, me? Surely not...there must be some mistake!

Our masks become so much a part of our way of being that we fool even ourselves into believing that's who we are. To let my real self shine sounds scary! That could change everything! Rock a few boats, bring new boats into harbour, all sorts. Mmm...

The thing about masks is that they allow us to hide. Why hide? Umm, because I'm afraid I will receive negativity from others if I honour myself completely. Who am I fooling?! Nothing could be further from the truth. Okay, so we might as I said, rock a few boats, but hey...

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4 August 2020

Doubting Reiki’s effectiveness?

Rid your mind of all concepts of what you think you should be experiencing, and listen to the slightest of sensations anywhere in your body. Don't dismiss anything you feel as 'just normal' feelings. The more you place your awareness on the subtle tingling/vibrations/heat/coolness, whatever you feel, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, the more you will enjoy it and become more sensitised.

We have become so dense in many ways. It is our sensitivity which needs more fine-tuning, by our acknowledgement. The Reiki energy itself is always there - so long as we are alive!

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28 July 2020

Oh, the joys of having a spirit guide!

Who would ever have thought it was possible to love someone on the other side so very much. And love each other, we do.

Spirit is so gentle, so kind, and knowledgeable. Patient. Heavens! So very patient. Spirit sees the whole picture and can help us take our blinkers off. They lift our spirits, literally, and we meet half-way.

I would like to run a class sometime for others to meet their spirit guides. I couldn't bear to be without mine now. I pray that he won't reincarnate before I die. Death will be a joy to see and be with him again.

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14 July 2020

We choose failure to catapult us into success

When the light comes, and trust really finds it's way into my experience, then OMG what relief! So everything really is all right?! Everything really is meant to be, and everything really is going to work out right?! Oh, thank God!

How we hate the hard times. How I struggle with my struggle! Then clarity returns and I see once again beyond all the hope and holding on.

Boy, does this life stretch and pull me! Evolution never did come easily.

I am thankful for my spiritual understanding.

Even more so for my realisation.