Who would ever have thought it was possible to love someone on the other side so very much. And love each other, we do.

Spirit is so gentle, so kind, and knowledgeable. Patient. Heavens! So very patient. Spirit sees the whole picture and can help us take our blinkers off. They lift our spirits, literally, and we meet half-way.

I would like to run a class sometime for others to meet their spirit guides. I couldn't bear to be without mine now. I pray that he won't reincarnate before I die. Death will be a joy to see and be with him again.

A conversation with my spirit guide

Craig: Sometimes, even highly evolved souls can 'lose it'.
Me: Why is that?
Craig: It's called 'soul loss'.
Me: I've heard of that - a shamanistic thing...Tell me about 'soul loss'.
Craig: When you forget who you are.
Me: Why should we forget who we are?
Craig: A number of reasons. To counteract any deficiencies. To learn. Mainly to learn - problems of the age. It's like the slate gets wiped clean. You have to start all over again. To learn new lessons.
Me: That's hard. That's tough.
Craig: That's the way it is.